Deliverable 2.1

Existing Sustainable Forest Management Services and Formalization of Functional Requirements

Deliverable 3.1

First report on the formal specification of sustainable and resilient forest management knowledge model

Deliverable 4.1

Demonstration of Data Collection, Aggregation of EO, Weather/Climate Models and in-situ Environmental Sensors

Deliverable 5.1*

Demonstration of Big-data Framework for Situation Awareness on Fire Danger Index

Deliverable 6.1

Review of Ecological Resilience Programme across EU

Deliverable 7.1

First Draft on Policy Recommendation Framework

Deliverable 8.2*

SILVANUS Platform Release, 1st Version

Deliverable 9.1

Report on Organisational Readiness of the Pilot Setup

Deliverable 2.2

First report on environmentally sustainable, resilient forest models

Deliverable 3.2

Planning and Delivery of Training Activities – Phase 1

Deliverable 4.2

Demonstration of Social Media Analytics for Localising the Origin of Wildfire Ignition

Deliverable 5.3*

Demonstration of SILVANUS Decision Support System for Response Coordination

Deliverable 6.2*

Model of Ecological Resilience

Deliverable 2.3

Report on SILVANUS Formal Assessment Methodology

Deliverable 3.3

First Release of Citizen Engagement Methodology

Deliverable 4.3

Demonstration of Ground Vehicle Navigation to and from Frontline Wildfire Spread

Deliverable 2.4*

Report on Environmentally Sustainable and Resilient Forest Models

Deliverable 4.4*

Autonomous Piloting of UAV Fleet and Coordination for Remote Sensing and Identification of Wildfire Ignition

Deliverable 10.1

Dissemination and Community Engagement Strategy

Deliverable 10.2

Annual Report on Dissemination Activities

Deliverable 10.3*

Annual Report on Dissemination Activities v2


* This Deliverable is subject to final acceptance by the European Commission. The results of this Deliverable reflect only the author’s view and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.