Citizen Engagement App

Citizen Engagement is a Vital Branch in the Development of SILVANUS Platform

We’re happy to introduce our Citizen Engagement App, the mobile application designed to empower citizens and provide them with the right tools to become crucial actors in Forest Fire Management. Putting Citizen Safety first is the forefront of our mission.

The Citizen Engagement App aims to cover all three Phases of the SILVANUS Project, by providing a holistic toolkit for Citizen Preparation, Response and Recovery through interactive educational and situational awareness modules. Our goal is to ensure that our users will always be informed, prepared and connected during Fire Incidents.

Our app is an integral part of the SILVANUS Ecosystem, providing reliable communication between Citizens and Firefighters and serving as a powerful channel for dissemination and collaboration with other SILVANUS Components.

Join the waiting list to become one of the first BETA Testers and experience the future of Citizen Engagement in Forest Fire Management. Together, we can all make a big difference in protecting our forests, our communities and our loved ones.